Microenterprises & SMEs

We provide direct inter-disciplinary technical assistance, business advisory, organizational development, and capital facilitation and intermediary services to microenterprises and small and medium size enterprises (SMEs).

Technical Assistance                                                                                                                              We plan, guide, mentor and support enterprises with client-specific technical assistance to be able to grow and expand their respective enterprises.

Business Advisory                                                                                                                                We assess, build and support enterprises with individualized and full range business advisory plans. Capabilities are supported in business strategy, planning and execution, finance, markets, value-chains, strategic partnerships and formal market participation.

Organizational Development                                                                                                            We integrate comprehensive organizational development strategies with our clients to include assessment, analysis, evaluation and frameworks to support clients to continuously ensure aligned organizational and business scale and scope.

Capital Facilitation & Intermediation                                                                                            We provide initial bridge capital to enterprises as early stage formal financing to facilitate short-to-medium term graduation to formal financial capital markets participation. We serve as both an up-market and down-market financial intermediary for clients through our strategic institutional alliances with both local and global formal financial capital market providers.