Vision, Mission, & Values

~ Vision ~

We envision a world that achieves the global goal to eradicate extreme poverty by 2030 with established pathways that continue to harness, scale and deepen market-based resources and solutions toward ongoing upward socio-economic mobility and resilience for the base of the pyramid.

~ Mission ~

Our mission is to alleviate poverty and support economic mobility for the base of the pyramid in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe by market-based, responsible, sustainable and inclusive financial services and solutions.

~ Values ~

Mission-Driven – our mission is the core and passion of our business.

Excellence – we promote and integrate the highest of professional standards.

Integrity – we demonstrate respect, humility, honesty, reliability and positive intent.

Inclusion – we pursue, adapt and integrate diverse global knowledge, expertise and alliances.

Accountability – we take full responsibility for our decisions, policies, actions and results.

Transparency – we engage and communicate openly, thoroughly, fairly and constructively, while proactively and precisely disclosing the work we do and how we do it